How Do I Prove Fault In A Spartanburg Car Accident?

Spartanburg, SC car accidents are devastating to anyone who is involved in them. They lead to loss of property and sometimes, lives. If you are a victim, you should get justice. There is almost always one person who caused the crash to happen who is liable for any losses that occur. That is why it is a requirement by law for drivers to have liability insurance.
In some cases, the driver who caused the accident is not very clear. This is especially when the person who is liable does all they can to get themselves out of the charges. In this case, you as the affected party must find a way to prove that the individual is indeed liable.
Proving that is often a tough job especially if you are injured and admitted to a hospital. However, there is a way for you to get all the proof that you need through an attorney. You have to inform your Spartanburg, SC accident attorney about what happened as soon as possible. This is to ensure that they get on the case and find the evidence that you need to prove liability.
Why Should You Call a Spartanburg Car Accident Lawyer After a Crash?
If you are not the one at fault for the car accident, you need to get compensated for your losses. The only way that this can happen is if you can prove the other driver was responsible for the crash. There is a lot of investigation and analysis that goes into doing this which is why you need a lawyer. Your car crash attorney will help in:

• Guiding You On How Not To Incriminate Yourself –

It is easy to admit some fault by doing something as simple as apologizing to the other driver after the crash.Your attorney will guide you on what to say and do so as not to incriminate yourself for anything.

• Starting The Investigation –

Typically the insurance adjusters are in charge of finding out who is at fault in a car accident. However, you also need your lawyer to investigate the case and gather evidence on your behalf. It is just in case the adjusters miss something that is crucial to your situation.

• Filing your claim –

When your attorney has adequate proof on the party liable for the crash, he can file the claim for you. It needs to be made within a set period for it to be valid. He is well aware of that so he will do it on time.

How Spartanburg Auto Accident Attorney Proves Fault

South Carolina is a fault state. That means that for you to get compensation for your losses you have to show that someone caused them. To do this, you need an experienced lawyer who understands what to look for and where to look for it.
One of the most common ways of proving fault is to determine that the driver was careless and negligent. It is easily demonstrated by showing that they were driving under the influence, speeding or not following other traffic laws.
For this, you need photographs, a Spartanburg, SC police report and even witnesses that will back up your claim. If it is clear that the person was careless, you get your compensation. However, something else that they check is your involvement in the accident. Even if you didn’t incriminate yourself in your statement, investigations might show that you had comparative negligence.
Comparative negligence reflects your percentage of fault in the accident. For example, if the other driver was driving drunk and you were speeding, you are at fault too. Comparative negligence comes in to play when collecting damages. You will only get the percentage for which the other person was liable. If, for example, they were 80% responsible, of the total amount you could get, you will only collect 80%.

Call A Spartanburg Auto Accident Lawyer

Seek medical attention immediately after your crash. Contacting a great Spartanburg SC car accident attorney should be the next thing you do. That move allows your legal counsel to get a handle on things as early as possible. Waiting till later only hurts your case and your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve. Consult us at the Law Office of Brian T. Smith for a comprehensive look at your situation and the best options for you. Our experienced legal team will come up with a winning game plan that guarantees you the best compensation.

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