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Bicycle accidents and bicycle injuries are extremely common in Greenville, especially with the expansion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Many bicycle accidents are due to human factors, such as failure to yield the right-of-way and driver carelessness. South Carolina, like many other states, have programs in place to decrease the number of bicycle accidents, but negligent drivers can disregard these rules. One wrongful death is too many. When something that can be prevented results in pedestrian injury or death, the victim(s) or families can seek justice by visiting the Law Office of Brian T Smith.

Driver inattention and distraction has become a growing problem. Drivers have a circle of entertainment at their fingertips and some find it hard to resist distraction while driving. Aside from human error, the two other contributing factors to bicycle accidents were vehicular and environmental. Defective brake systems, headlights, tires, or other vehicular problems can contribute to an accident. If an accident was due to driver error, the injured bicyclist can file a claim against the individual responsible.

If a negligent manufacturer produced a defective part, the manufacturer may be the defendant. Proving liability in a bicycle accident comes down to the competing statements about the injury. This requires gathering evidence such as photos of the accident, police echo, witness testimony, violation of traffic law by the driver, and recreating the accident scene if necessary. If a driver was driving recklessly, texting and driving, or ignoring traffic law at the time of your accident, our team will gather evidence of this negligence to present in court. If your bicycle accident comes down to a defective system that caused the accident, you only have to prove that the defective part caused your injury.

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If you or someone you know has been involved in a bicycle casualty in Greenville, visit the Law Office of Brian T. Smith. We can stand by your side during settlement negotiations with an insurance company or in court.

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