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Many South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers attempt to pass themselves off as fellow bikers, as though their status will qualify them to protect you when it matters most. However, they are often second-hand and using their hobby as a marketing tool, rather than being genuine about their interest in helping motorcyclist whom have been injured in a motorcycle accident. In the real world, concern regarding your attorney’s credentials, their experience and their wisdom, and their ability to win your case is far more important than their hobbies.

To find the motorcycle accident lawyer who will best suit your needs, do your due diligence and proper research. The Law Office of Brian T. Smith is what you’re looking for because we care about our clients. Consultation with a suitable, accident attorney is a necessary first step when filing your claim. There are several cases in which circumstances align to make conditions that lead to motorcycle accidents.

Negligent motorists are the number one cause of motorcycle accidents, making it critical for every biker to stay alert in their surroundings and look out for danger. Knowing the law and minding all traffic laws is also an important first step to anticipate the worst and prevent it from happening. The best way to prevent inattentiveness from fellow motorists is to make yourself more visible with reflective motorcycle safety clothing. The best way to win a claim is proving that you were attempting the best you could to make sure you’re not ignored on the road.

At the Law Office of Brian T. Smith we can litigate aggressively with an unbiased view of the claim, holding negligent motorists responsible for their carelessness. This negligence has a profound impact on motorcyclists who fall victim to a life-threatening accident. When it comes to hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer, many people choose Brian Smith because of how passionate he is about helping his clients. When you get in a motorcycle accident it is important to try and get statements from any witnesses, as well as document any evidence of the driver’s responsibility for the accident. Planning for the long term starts with immediate representation. Brian’s team can negotiate with medical insurance providers to lower your bills, putting more money in your pocket, where it belongs.

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