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Bicycle accidents are a devastating sight in Laurens, SC. They often result in serious injuries and considerable property damage. Sometimes, they obstruct traffic for hours. If the accident happened in Laurens, the best chance of recovering losses is to work with a Laurens bicycle injury lawyer. The outcome of their compensation claim will depend on several factors that the bike injury attorney can help with. They are:

  • Accident causes
  • Attorney experience
  • Available evidence
  • Applicable South Carolina laws


Common Bicycle Accident Causes in Laurens, SC


Most accidents in Laurens County involve a car and a bicycle. Many of them have the same causes. Here are the ones any Laurens bicycle accident lawyer will encounter at least once in their career.

  • Close following or tailgating
  • Not yielding the right of way
  • Illegal turns and dangerous traffic maneuvers
  • Cyclist dooring (opening the car door in a cyclist’s path)
  • Reverse driving without taking precautions
  • Operating cars in the bike lane
  • Distracted driving and bike riding
  • Intoxication with alcohol or drugs

It is easy to notice that some of these cases involve poor knowledge of South Carolina bicycle laws. At Brian T. Smith Law, we make it our duty to explain these rules and regulations to our clients. Here is a brief overview of the ones any bicycle accident attorney should explain to their clients.

Overview of South Carolina Bicycle Laws Every Laurens Bike Lawyer Should Provide to Clients

The purpose of South Carolina bicycle laws is to protect both drivers and bicyclists. It should be quite easy, considering that bicycle lanes are available along most roads. These lanes are dedicated to bicyclists, so drivers have no right to block them. When crossing them, the latter should yield right of way to any bikers.

The purpose of South Carolina bicycle laws is to protect both drivers and bicyclists. It should be quite easy, considering that bicycle lanes are available along most roads. These lanes are dedicated to bicyclists, so drivers have no right to block them. When crossing them, the latter should yield right of way to any bikers.

Another obligation bikers have is to sit on their vehicle’s seats and not carry passengers. Violations of this rule could result in a fine of up to $500. South Carolina bicycle laws forbid bikers to attach themselves to vehicles or carry packages. They should have their hands free at all times.

In traffic, they need to use their hands to signal their turns or stops. At night, they should carry a light on the front of the bike. It should be visible from a minimum of 500 feet. On the rear, they should carry a red reflector visible from a distance of up to 300 feet.

South Carolina bicycle laws also require drivers to maintain a safe distance from bikers. It prohibits yelling or harassing the latter, as well as throwing objects in their direction. Violations of this stipulation can lead to a $250 fine and 30 days in prison.

There are certain subtleties to South Carolina bicycle laws the latter may explain. For example, there is a difference between formal bike lanes and recreational bike lanes. The first ones are mandatory where they are available. The second ones are optional and make it acceptable for bikers to use the roadway as well.

Where there are no bicycle lanes available, bikers should ride as close to the right side as possible. They can even use the road shoulder. South Carolina bicycle laws allow them to use other lanes only when the right one is blocked. They should be very careful when passing vehicles on the roadway. The law requires bicyclists not to ride more than two abreast. The only exceptions to the rule are instances involving bicycle paths or lanes.

At Brian T. Smith Law, our bicycle accident lawyers care about their clients’ safety. That is why we advise them to ride carefully. Here are some of the tips we give all bicyclists to follow.

Safety Tips an Experienced Laurens, SC, Bike Attorney May Provide to Clients

  • Never ride against the traffic. It is much safer to follow the direction of the traffic. It allows for better visibility and avoidance maneuvers.
  • Always obey stop signs and traffic signals. Failure to do so leads to accidents and makes legal assistance necessary.
  • Watch out for vehicle blind spots. Drivers need to see you in order to be able to avoid you. Otherwise, you will end up looking for a bicycle accident attorney.
  • In some areas, local regulations forbid riding on sidewalks. Violating such regulations can be dangerous and costly.
  • Always wear protective gear. A helmet may not look nice on you, but it can protect you from brain injury. You should not depend on South Carolina bicycle laws to force you to wear it.
  • Be prepared for worst case scenarios. Should the worst happen, it helps to have a bicycle accident lawyer’s number. Always keep a pen, a piece of paper, the name of an emergency contact, and your ID with you. Knowing what steps to follow helps as well.

Bike Injury Lawyer Offers 8 Steps to Follow After a Bike Accident

In case of a bicycle accident, following the right steps can be lifesaving. Of course, calling a bicycle accident lawyer should be a priority for anyone. However, if the latter cannot come to the scene, it helps to be prepared. Here are the steps you should follow in the event of an accident.

1. Call an Ambulance

Due to the adrenaline, you may not feel pain immediately. However, even the slightest fall can have consequences. It is better to undergo a medical examination, just to be safe. If you do not, and your condition gets worse, the party at fault may blame you for the aggravation. Even the best bicycle accident attorney will have a hard time helping you then.

2. Report the Accident to the Police

All accidents involving injuries or damages over $1,000 have to be reported. It helps to have a police officer investigate the accident. They will file an accident report that you can later use as evidence. If you do not have a bicycle accident lawyer present, watch your statements. Anything you say may be used against you.

3. Wait for the Police to Arrive

Do not leave the scene of the accident until the police arrive. If you do, only the other party gets to tell their side of the story. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. However, refrain from starting arguments, apologizing, or making rude comments.

5. Get the Contact Information of Everyone Present

In order to obtain compensation for your losses, you will need to know whom to blame. Having witnesses to corroborate your story is important as well. Write down everyone’s names, addresses, and phone numbers, including those of the police officer. Your bicycle accident attorney may need the information later.

6. Gather Your Own Set of Evidence

The police officer will write down everything, and you already saw what happened, right? Wrong! Time makes you forget, and police officers miss details too. Take photos of the accident scene. Look for nearby cameras that may have recorded everything. Write down everything you consider important. You will need to prove how the accident occurred with evidence, not just stories. Your efforts will ease your bicycle accident attorney’s work.

7. Treat Your Injuries

Even the smallest scratch and the most insignificant back pain should receive treatment. If they later get worse, it will be on you. Moreover, timely treatments are a great way to prevent future problems. Remember to keep the medical reports, test results, bills, and receipts. You will not be able to recover your expenses without them.

8. Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney and Start the Claim Process

In South Carolina, the statute of limitations for personal injury is three years. However, waiting that long could ruin your chances. It is better to start early and take your time. If you consult a bicycle accident lawyer immediately, you have nothing to worry about. They will take over the claim process while you recover and move on.

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