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The Law Office of Brian T. Smith can provide representation for persons who have sustained personal injuries or wrongful death because of a construction site accident. Construction accidents can occur in a home, commercial property, or at industrial construction sites. With fast development in Grenville and surrounding areas, there is a lot of opportunity for construction accidents.

When someone is injured on or near a construction site, the owner or contractor may be accountable for any injuries from a preventable accident. A construction accident can be serious and may cause permanent disability, loss of a limb, head injury, broken bones, scarring, and death. Often there are medical bills and there may be an extended period of disability. Worker’s compensation may pay for some of the medical bills and lost earnings, but cannot adequately compensate an individual for permanent losses and disability arising from a serious construction accident.

Our team can represent bystanders and workers who are injured in construction sites and even drivers injured because of highway construction accidents. Under state and federal regulations, contractors and site owners are responsible for a safe environment. There are also laws in place to protect those who work at sites that are high in altitude, such as on scaffolding. Workers in all trades are exposed to a variety of dangers at work sites. Immediate investigation and preservation of evidence is often a critical element in an injury case involving construction accidents.

It is often crucial to get management to provide necessary evidence. Prompt scrutiny of witnesses is also necessary. General contractors and subcontractors, as well as momentous suppliers, may all be identified. It is also essential that you get prompt medical attention for your personal injuries if you are injured in a construction accident. If you were injured while on the job, then you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If you have been aggrieved in a construction accident, it is essential that you hire an attorney to handle your case. Our firm can handle the investigation process, trial, and appeals and can help identify and support claims due to the negligence of contractors and subcontractors responsible for safe construction site practices.

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