Birth Injury And Medical Malpractice

Having a child is one of the most precious moments in a parent’s life. Nothing can compare to the joy that a couple experiences when they are about to give life beginning. Pregnancy alone is tough, and every parent-to-be worries about the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby. Many things can go wrong with a pregnancy. But what if a preventable injury occurs during the birthing process? We all hope that our doctors are trustworthy individuals who always make the proper decisions when it comes to our health and wellness.

Unfortunately, in some instances, this is not the case. Some doctors are negligent when performing their regular duties and the baby/mother suffers. It’s important to know that some birth injuries are caused by complications such as an above average weight (over 8 lbs., 13 oz.). However, not all injuries are due to natural circumstances. Medical negligence & Medical Malpractice, such as failure to give necessary medical attention to the baby, delayed C-section, and the administration of improper drugs (during pregnancy or during delivery) can seriously harm to a newborn and mother.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers In Spartanburg, SC

Medical bills, financial loss, suffering, and disfigurement should all be compensated if a health care professionals negligence is to blame. It’s important to know that there are deadlines (which vary by state) to filing medical negligence lawsuits and collecting medicinal records and other pertinent documentation can take some time, so it’s important that you call an attorney as soon as possible. If you suspect your child sustained a birth injury due to a medical care professional’s negligence, speaking with an experienced attorney is the best way to get answers. At the Law Office of Brian T. Smith, we can talk with you about your case. If we think that you may have a case, we can conduct a thorough investigation.

In situations where a medical failure has been made by a professional during pregnancy or delivery, it can result in serious birth injuries. In some cases, if the doctor had followed proper procedures there is a chance the injury could have been prevented. Visit the Law Office of Brian T. Smith to seek justice for birth injuries and medical malpractice injuries. Receive a free consultation from our team.

If your child has suffered any of the above-mentioned issues, it is necessary to seek immediate medical attention. It is important to get as much medical documentation as possible. Documentation could help if a lawsuit is brought against the neglectful parties because medical negligence cases are often very complex.

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