Top 5 Things To Do Following A Car Accident

Getting in a car accident can be a traumatic, painful, and a very frustrating experience. Most everyone will experience multiple minor car accidents and many of us will experience a major car accident at some point in our lifetime. It can be hard to stay calm and remember exactly what to do – that is why many people who are in car accidents miss out on possible damages that could be available to them. If you had an opportunity to receive money for lost wages, pain and suffering, vehicle damages, and injuries, wouldn’t you want to do so? It is essential to know what to do so that you don’t lose that opportunity through a mistake. Here are top 5 tips to remember after you have been in a car accident:

  1. Always call the police when you are in an accident. Never settle with the other person. If you don’t report the accident then making a claim will be difficult.
  2. Don’t admit any fault in the accident, even if you feel that you may have been at fault. The police will determine who is at fault and admitting fault can ruin your chance of any future claim.
  3. If you are injured, let the 911 operator and the police officer know.
  4. Document as much as possible. This includes taking pictures of the accident, taking pictures of your injuries, and of any property damage. Get insurance information and driver’s license information from the driver of the vehicle.
  5. Call The Law Office of Brian Smith immediately and his team can help you navigate exactly what you need to do. The consultation is free and we only get paid when we help you win or settle the case. You never have to pay out of pocket for our services. That means we have an incentive to work hard for you!

Being in a car accident is a terrible experience and being injured in a car accident often results in lost wages, medical bills, auto repairs, and property damage. If you have been involved in a car accident, call the Law Office of Brian Smith for a free consultation.

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