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Trucks are a big business and trucking accidents are more common then you may think. When a trucking accident takes place, the results are often disastrous for the driver of the car. If you were in a truck accident in or around Spartanburg SC, that was due to the trucker's negligence, you should contact a Spartanburg trucking lawyer to see if you have a case. A trucking accident lawyer can provide you with an idea of your chances of winning and getting a good settlement. Contact the trucking injury lawyers at BT Smith Law Firm located in Spartanburg SC. The consultation is FREE. Call (864) 662-6821 today.

Most of us realize that without trucks, demand and prices would be high for many of the products we take for granted every day. As beneficial as these trucks are, semi-truck drivers can cause serious injury, or even death, in a truck crash. Property damage and injury can occur after a truck accident, leaving you confused and frustrated at the turn of events. There is hope. A truck accident lawyer can help.

When involved in a truck accident, you need a truck wreck lawyer in Spartanburg, SC that you can count on. A truck crash law firm knows the law for truck crashes. They can help determine if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Do not wait to speak to a truck crash attorney about your case. Having a truck wreck attorney that you can count on can help you with your truck crash case.


Do I Need a Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Spartanburg, SC?


After your truck crash, you may feel like there is nowhere to turn for help. A Spartanburg, SC truck accident law firm can provide you the assistance you need. Your truck wreck lawyer will fight against the truck driver that hit you and caused your injury.

Many truck drivers work for large trucking firms. It can be difficult to get your injury claim handled by these complex organizations. They may give you the run-around. They may not call you back. In fact, they may ignore your claim altogether. That’s a recipe for disaster. You need a Spartanburg, SC truck crash lawyer that knows how to fight large trucking corporations. You need someone who won’t back down. A truck wreck attorney can make sure their insurance company handles your claims and gives you the compensation you deserve.

Your truck crash lawyer in Spartanburg, SC works for you. They can help you negotiate with a trucking company’s insurance company. They will work on your behalf to settle your claim out of court for the maximum settlement. Your truck accident attorney will not accept an unfair settlement offer. They will fight to get you the money you deserve to help pay for medical bills and lost salary.

Sometimes there is no settlement. This usually happens when neither side can agree on fault. Deciding responsibility can be a tricky situation. Your Spartanburg, SC truck accident law firm will recommend a lawsuit as a legal way to obtain better compensation. Your truck wreck lawyer will only recommend a lawsuit as a last resort to secure fair compensation. With most truck crashes settling out of court, your truck crash attorney can help you receive your injury settlement quickly.

Having a Spartanburg, SC truck accident lawyer on your side can help expedite your truck crash case. They can make sure the trucking company hears your claim and fight against insurance companies that notoriously offer lowball settlements.

If approached by an insurance company to settle quickly, beware that the settlement offer may not be fair. Insurance companies work on behalf of the trucking firm. They want to protect their investment by settling quickly and cheaply. You are under no legal obligation to speak with another insurance company. You can say that you are not ready to talk about the accident yet. You can also recommend them to call your lawyer. Protect yourself. Do not sign a settlement offer until you speak to a truck accident law firm in Spartanburg, SC.

If you are uncertain that a settlement offer is fair, speak to your truck accident law firm in Spartanburg, SC. They can advise you on fair settlement offer prices and prevent you from accepting less. Work with your truck wreck lawyer to get the settlement offer you deserve. Allow yourself the freedom to recover without stress or worry.


Working with a Truck Crash Lawyer in Spartanburg, SC


When you hire a Spartanburg, SC truck wreck lawyer, you will receive their support and guidance throughout your case. Your truck crash attorney will help determine if you have an injury claim that deserves compensation. They will investigate the cause of the truck accident and determine if the driver was at fault.

There are many reasons that a truck driver could cause an accident. They may be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Distractions could come in the form of their phone or another electronic device. Reckless driving by a truck driver can also cause other illegal driving behaviors such as speeding and overloaded trailers.

You have a right as another driver on the road to compensation when a truck driver caused your accident. Your truck accident lawyer in Spartanburg, SC will look into the cause of your truck crash through investigative work.

Truck drivers must carry a log book by law. They log their driving hours and sleep hours. This dictates how many hours they can drive each day. Your driver has a set driving time. If they reach that time, a mandatory rest period starts. If your driver has disobeyed these truck driving laws, then fatigue at the wheel may have caused your accident.

Sometimes a truck driver is an owner-operator and does not work for a large trucking firm. In these cases, your truck accident law firm in Spartanburg, SC will work with the individual truck driver’s insurance company. Your lawyer will secure a settlement for your injuries and property damages.

Your truck wreck lawyer in Spartanburg, SC will also interview witnesses to the truck crash. This can provide a detailed account of what happened and support your version of events. These witnesses are valuable in a court trial as their testimony weighs heavily with juries. Your truck crash lawyer will also review the police accident record to determine fault and look for negligence.

A truck accident attorney will also be sure to use all other investigative tools available to them. They will build an aggressive case against the truck driver that hit you. They will establish negligence with the truck driver and prove you were not at fault for the accident.

It is key in a truck accident case to show that the majority of fault lies with a truck driver. Spartanburg uses a comparative fault rule. That means the case looks at both drivers involved in a crash and determines each person’s percentage of fault. The driver that is more at-fault traditionally covers the settlement award.

Your settlement award is dependent on the case that your truck wreck lawyer in Spartanburg, SC establishes. They will need to have a strong case that shows the majority of negligence with the truck driver. This will ensure you receive the maximum settlement in your case. If they find you 50 percent or more at fault, you will not receive any compensation.

You can count on your Spartanburg, SC truck wreck lawyer to protect your rights. While many truck drivers are safe, accidents can happen instantly and without warning. You need to speak to a truck crash lawyer as soon as possible about your case. This ensures you get the help you need to pay your mounting medical bills and lost wages.

Let your Spartanburg, SC truck accident lawyer work for you. They can get you the compensation you deserve and fight for your legal rights. They will be there to support your through your truck accident case. They will also offer their legal assistance as necessary to win your case. Do not let a truck accident impact your life without recourse. Have a truck wreck lawyer fight for you and your settlement rights when you receive a truck crash injury.


Truck Injury Lawyers at BT Smith Law Firm in Spartanburg, SC can Help


You may feel like you have plenty of time after your truck accident to speak with a truck wreck lawyer. However, there is a limited amount of time to file these cases. There is a statute of limitations in Spartanburg, SC of three years. This means that all truck accident lawsuits involving injury need filing within three years from the date of the accident.

The three-year timeline also extends to property damages or instances where someone died in the truck crash. It is imperative that you speak to your Spartanburg, SC truck accident lawyer about your case quickly. You need to ensure they have enough time to build a strong case against the driver that hit you.

Filing your truck accident lawsuit after the three-year deadline will result in dismissal of your case. There will be no settlement award ordered by the court. Your case will not go to trial before a jury. You will ultimately be responsible for paying your own medical bills for your injuries. You also will not be able to recoup the lost wages you missed out on due to your recovery.

Be sure to speak to your Spartanburg, SC truck wreck lawyer immediately about your case. Even if you are uncertain, speak to a lawyer. You might have a truck accident case and a settlement due. Your truck accident law firm will help determine if you qualify for compensation under the law. They will help you understand your legal rights and allow you to choose the best course of action.


A Semi Truck Accident Attorney can Help You Get Compensation You Deserve


You have a right to recover your losses after a truck accident has damaged your property or injured you. Some of the damages that you may be eligible for include:

  • Medical expenses: You may receive compensation for your medical expenses to treat your injuries from a truck accident. These medical expenses include all necessary and required medical treatment that you need immediately after the accident. They also include future expenses. Your Spartanburg, SC truck wreck lawyer can help you determine your total medical costs and help you recover these losses.
  • Lost wages: After a truck accident has injured you, there is a recovery period needed to heal your injuries. You may be unable to work and may lose out on wages from your employer. Your truck crash lawyer can help recover these lost wages due to your recovery. They can also help you seek future lost wages for any disability or work limitations you may have sustained.
  • Property damages: No doubt a truck accident has left your vehicle needing repairs or a replacement. You are able to recover these property damages through a settlement. Get help from your Spartanburg, SC truck accident law firm. You will receive compensation for your vehicle. That compensation will cover repair or replacement work done to your vehicle. This can help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.
  • Pain and suffering: Truck accidents are traumatic to all individuals involved. You may suffer emotionally and mentally, and you need compensation to alleviate the pain and suffering you are dealing with. Your truck crash lawyer will fight to get you pain and suffering as part of your settlement award. You deserve it to help you overcome your losses. You will be able to move forward with your life following a truck accident.
  • Punitive damages: There are also instances involving punitive damages in a truck accident. Punitive damages are a deterrent. They dissuade other truck drivers from engaging in the same illegal actions as the driver that hit you. Punitive damages are in addition to your total settlement award. These damages are used to punish a truck driver financially for their dangerous actions. A judge may order punitive damages in a case that is particularly reckless or dangerous.


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