How Do I Prove Fault In A Laurens County Car Accident?

If you often drive within South Carolina, you probably know that it is a fault state. That means that when an accident occurs, the driver who is responsible is held liable for damages. It is an easy system that allows the person affected to seek compensation from the responsible party for a car accident.

Car crashes in Laurens County, SC often lead to various losses, both material and physical. If you are injured in an accident, you may have to spend a lot of money on treatment. Given that you did not cause the crash, you should get compensation for your losses. The only way that this can happen is by determining the responsible party and filing a claim with their insurer.

Obtaining adequate proof for your claim is not a simple process. You should, therefore, take your time to understand what is needed. The best piece to have on your game board is an excellent car crash lawyer. He is knowledgeable in matters relating to the law and car accidents. As a result, he can give the best advice on what you can do to get the compensation you need.

Can A Police Report Prove Liability? What Can Your Laurens County Car Accident Lawyer Do?

You may wonder why you need to provide proof when the Laurens County, SC police report easily does that. Well, in reality, the report does not necessarily determine the guilty party in the accident. The purpose of that document is to take into account the facts of the case.

It will state the details of the people and cars involved in the crash and what is known. The report will basically indicate the facts of the case without getting into too many details. If there is a violation of the law, it is stated in the document. However, that may not necessarily prove fault.

What is in the report includes a description of what happened based on the statements of the drivers involved. It does not state that one driver caused the accident since that is not the purpose of the document.

Your lawyer needs to do a thorough investigation into the matter to conclude what happened. He may use the information in the police report as a guide, but that is not enough. The Laurens County, SC police document is also used by the insurance companies when doing their investigations.

How A Laurens County Car Accident Attorney Uses Evidence To Prove Fault

One of the best ways of proving fault is to gather as much evidence as possible concerning the accident. The best evidence is collected while the scene of the crash is still fresh. It is for this reason that you have to get in touch with your attorney immediately after the accident. That allows him to guide you on the type of evidence that you can collect before he arrives.

You need a lot of photos showing the vehicles involved and the road. Tire marks are of particular interest so take as many pictures as possible. Talk to any eyewitnesses who will help you prove who caused the accident.

Once these are in place, your lawyer will continue with the process by compiling the evidence to show liability. He can also get expert witnesses such as car crash reconstructionists who will explain what happened based on the evidence.

Having an experienced attorney in this type of case is an absolute advantage since the case becomes simpler. He has the resources you need for your situation so that it is only a matter of getting the facts.

Once you have everything that proves the guilty party in the accident, you can then file the claim. With all the facts in place, the insurance company has no choice but to make you an offer. In case the proposal is not enough to cover your damages, your attorney can negotiate on your behalf. If you are still unable to reach an agreement, he can file a case in court for compensation.

Why Should You Hire Laurens County Car Accident Lawyer?

As the victim in a Laurens County, SC car accident, you have the right to get compensated for your loss. In some cases, the process is quite easy, but since you have to prove liability, a lawyer is invaluable. Contact our attorneys at the Law Office of Brian T. Smith for a consultation on your case. We evaluate every possible angle to ensure that you are protected from being accused. Our experienced team will work together with you to ensure that you collect all the damages that you are owed.

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