What Are The Benefits Of Receiving A Medical Exam After An Auto Accident In Laurens County?

The first thing to do after a Laurens County, SC car accident is to call the emergency line. The response team usually consists of police officers and the medical team. The reason for this is so that you can get examined for any injuries that are not visible. Whether or not you caused the accident, you may end up with severe injuries if not checked. Injuries after a car crash are often internal so you may not know how bad they are. In a minor accident, for example, you may end up with a few bruises but internal bleeding as well. It is possible for you to feel perfectly fine even with internal bleeding until later when complications develop. To avoid this, you should get a medical exam whether or not you feel hurt.

Your examination report and subsequent documents make it easier for your attorney to help you get compensation. He will use this information from the doctor to explain the extent of your injuries and the amount needed. It allows you to get adequate money to enable you to get the medical attention that you need.

How Your Laurens County Car Accident Attorney Will Use Your Medical Records To Seek Compensation

Whenever you present a claim to an insurance company, they will send an insurance adjuster. Their job is to evaluate the request and the evidence and to determine how much compensation you should get.

The insurance adjuster cannot accept word of mouth when calculating injuries and damages. He needs valid proof, and that is why your medical exam report after the accident is essential. It is a way for you to prove that your injuries are real and that you should get compensation.

The adjuster will ask for all reports, tests, x-rays and other medical documents that you have about your injury. He then examines each one of them for validity since many people use fake documents to get compensated. There are times the adjuster may seek access to these records to find something to use against you. That is why you need a lawyer during this process. He is in the best position to weigh whether a request is valid.

If your attorney advised against releasing your medical records, do as he says. If the adjuster uses that move to argue that you are hiding something, your lawyer can defend you. It is easy for experienced counsel to prove that there is no relevance in requesting those documents. Your lawyer will use what is permitted to show why you deserve the amount and ensure that you get it.

Independent Medical Exam: Can Your Laurens County Auto Accident Lawyer Help?

When you don’t get a medical exam immediately after the car accident, it leads to many questions and doubts. Your insurance company will question whether you are injured to the extent that you claimed. They will also ask whether they were really caused by the Laurens County, SC crash. To prove or disprove your claims, you may be requested to get an independent medical exam.

It is a type of examination that is done by a trusted doctor recommended by the insurance company. Your provider has the right to do this as stated in your car accident policy. However, you are not obligated to accept it. You have the freedom to refuse since the doctor may be biased and may issue a report that is untrue.

A lawyer will help you decide on the best option through careful analysis of the alternatives. Sometimes agreeing to get the exam may work for you if your injuries are real and the doctor is unbiased. The best part is that if the doctor does confirm your injuries as stated, you get compensated. The Laurens County, SC insurance company, may end up paying you the full amount of your claim.

Contact A Laurens County Lawyer

You want to be on top of everything that happens after an accident. Therefore, it is best to have the examination. It is crucial to your health and wellbeing. However, it also allows you to get the compensation that you need with the help of the Law Office of Brian T. Smith. We will ensure that the adjusters get the information that is necessary for your claim. Our job is to make sure that you do not fall prey to any tricks. In the end, we guarantee that we will attain our goals.

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