What Are The South Carolina Laws On Texting And Driving?

Distracted driving is one of the most common practices which leads to road accidents. It refers to driving a vehicle while another activity such as texting occupies your mind. With the new age of smartphones, this has become quite the problem. More and more people are not paying attention when driving in Spartanburg, SC.

Many drivers don’t see it as a big deal to chat or reply to a “quick” text while driving. Many of them do not realize it only takes a second of distracted driving for an accident to happen. As a result, they may end up bumping into another vehicle without realizing it just as quickly. It is for this reason that South Carolina implemented strict laws against driving and texting.

These laws have been improved over the years. The police can now arrest anyone caught using their phone while driving. It is illegal, and hence, it is critical that you make yourself aware of these laws. In case you are found using your phone while driving, there is a chance that your attorney can help you. That is why you need to get in touch with him as soon as you are arrested. He will address the charges.

What Are The South Carolina Laws To Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents?

Many drivers are continually using their phones while driving without realizing the dangers of it. In South Carolina, the state started by enforcing a law preventing any texting while driving. That means if you were caught by a police officer physically on the phone while driving, you could be arrested. Texting while driving would attract a fine of between $25 and $50 for repeat offenses.

However, the state realized that this Spartanburg, SC law didn’t prevent much since people still texted and drove. Drivers got around the no texting while driving rule and started speech to text dictation. Using various apps and software, they can reply to texts without physically touching the phone. The issue is that dictating the text is just as distracting as physically typing it. As a result, the law doesn’t do much to discourage the problem.

The current law, however, allows one to use hands-free devices to make phone calls and use GPS. Some of the other exceptions provided by the bill include:

  • A driver who is legally parked or at a stop sign using his phone
  • A driver who is calling or texting to access emergency services
  • An officer who is performing duties within the legal boundaries
  • A driver who is receiving information about the state of traffic and roads on the phone.

The Spartanburg, SC rules as of now merely target anyone that physically holds a phone while they are driving. However, drivers under 18 years of age are not allowed to use hands-free services. This is because they tend to be a little more distracted when driving than adults above that age.

You May Need A Car Wreck Lawyer

There are talks to have the fine increased from $25 as police officers say that is too little. Many states impose a fine of at least $100 for first offenses up to $300 for repeat offenders. The bill also states that repeat offenders will get a few points on their driving license. When these accumulate, they could have their licenses suspended.

Since the fine for texting while driving is not too high, all you have to do is pay it. However, if you’ve been charged with other offenses, you need a lawyer. If you are charged for texting and driving along with speeding or drunk driving, you can get jailed. The problem becomes even worse when you cause an accident. You need an experienced attorney to defend you against those charges.

Contact A Spartanburg Car Accident Lawyer Today

Distracted driving is not as severe in South Carolina as it is in other states. However, if you have other charges on top of it, you may be in quite a bit of trouble. Our Spartanburg car accident attorneys at the Law Office of Brian T. Smith are experienced in this area so we may be of help. Contact us immediately if you are arrested, and we will have the best on our team come to see you. Even if you are a repeat offender our lawyers will try to get you off with a minor punishment. Talk to us today with details about your Spartanburg, SC case and let us solve it for you.

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