What Are The Laurens County Laws On Texting And Driving?

Many of the Laurens County, SC traffic accidents that happen are because distracted driving. Most people know that they shouldn’t use their mobile phones while behind the wheel, but most of them still do. This often has various consequences, with the major one being car crashes that cause both property and financial losses.

In a bid to prevent this, South Carolina, like most states in the country, has a law against distracted driving. The bill specifically targets those who enjoy texting while operating a vehicle. However, this law is not a deterrent for many drivers. That is why there are already more bills to change it.

If you are arrested for causing a crash due to texting and driving, you may face the consequences. Other than having to cover all the losses, you could have your license suspended. To avoid this, you need to hire the best car accident attorney to help you out. He has adequate knowledge of the law and can use it to help you get a lesser punishment.

What Is The South Carolina Law Preventing Distracted Driving Accident?

The law in South Carolina makes it illegal to read, compose, and send a text message while driving. You must lawfully parked before you can text. It is unlawful when you send any news or information on your phone, tablet or PDA while you are driving. If you are found doing so, you may get up to $25 in fines. This can increase up to $50 if you are a repeat offender.

Even with the law in place, many people still choose to text and drive since the penalties are not severe. Therefore, a bill may soon come into effect that increases the sentence by up to four times the amount. If you get arrested repeatedly, you stand to get up to $300 in fines and some points on your license.

Even though the law is lenient with those using phones while driving, it is stricter if you cause an accident. You not only stand to get fines but if you are a repeat offender, you get a jail term. To avoid this, an excellent lawyer can help defend you and get a lesser sentence. For this to happen, you need to inform him as soon as possible after the incident occurs. That is so that he can come up with the best game plan for your Laurens County, SC case.

Effects Of Distracted Driving And How A Laurens County Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

There are many disadvantages to driving while distracted. Many of them directly affect you as the liable party as well as other road users. This vice can lead to:

  • Car crashes. It only takes a second for you to cause a car accident. That is why it is essential to obey the law. The second you choose to look at your phone, you may end up bumping into another vehicle. It is also easy to stray from your lane and get into a head-on collision in Laurens County, SC.
  • Legal implications. Being caught texting while driving is not too serious an offense but causing a car crash definitely is. If your texting leads to an accident, you may end up in jail and have to pay fines.
  • Loss of property. If you end up crashing into another car, you can cause damage to your vehicle and that of others. This means that your insurance provider will have to pay for that and it may end up increasing your premiums.
  • Depending on how severe the car accident was, you and the other driver may end up injured. That means that you have to pay medical costs of both you and the other party. Your insurance company will not be too happy about paying for all of that.

Contact A Car Wreck Lawyer Today

If you find yourself in trouble with the law because of texting while driving, you need a Laurens car accident lawyer. He should help ensure that you either get lesser charges or declared innocent of the claims. If you want to work with the most excellent legal team talk to us at the Law Office of Brian T. Smith. We have the perfect legal team that is ready to evaluate your case and find the best way out. No Laurens County, SC charges are too big for us to handle, so call us today!

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