Should I Talk To The Other Insurance Company After A Laurens County, SC Car Accident?

There are many losses that one suffers after a car accident with the worst one being personal injuries. However, there is usually damage to your vehicle which needs to be taken care of soon. For this to happen, you need to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company as soon as possible. After doing so, it is normal for them to reach out to talk to you about the crash.

If they call or request a meeting to discuss the accident and your claim, you have the right to refuse. It is a good idea that you do not talk to the insurance company. They do not have your best interests in mind. They only call so they can find something to use against you.

Because of this, it is better to let your attorney handle every aspect of interaction with the company. Let them take charge and file the claim, make the compensation offer and negotiate. You need to hire an excellent attorney to represent you and help you achieve your goals.

Why Your Laurens County Car Accident Attorney Advises Against Talking To The Other Insurance Company

You may misinterpret the Laurens County, SC insurance company reaching out to be goodwill. However, that is not the case; they exist only to serve their own needs. That is one of the primary reasons that no lawyer will advise you to talk directly with them. They will twist your thinking so much that you may not remember what you are supposed to avoid saying.

The insurance company may try to discourage you. The insurance adjuster will only call you if they realize that you have a valid claim that will cost them. As a result, they may want to discourage you by undervaluing the claim. They want you to settle for much less than you deserve.

Insurers also don’t want you to get help. They will try to get to you before you think of hiring a lawyer. That is because they know a lawyer will insist they have to pay you what you are asking.

They also want you to settle fast. The company understands that given the devastation from the accident, you are vulnerable. They may try to seem as if they care and present you a check. However, it will be for a low amount.

The call may also be the company’s way of looking for evidence against you. They may act friendly and try to get you to talk about the incident and what you think. This is not a way to show concern; it is a way for them to get information from you. They will then use what you say to justify a low settlement.

How Can A Car Accident Lawyer Help When Dealing With The Other Insurance Company?

Hiring Laurens County, SC legal counsel should be first on your list of things to do after an accident. It allows you to remain protected against any harm by the other insurance company. A lawyer can:

  • File a claim on your behalfThe lawyer will ensure that he files a claim with the insurance company before time elapses. This is so that investigations may start and you can get your compensation in good time.
  • Represent you in negotiationsYour lawyer has a clear idea of what you want, so during the negotiations, he will aim to achieve it. He will present your losses to the insurance company and try as best he can to reach your goal.
  • File a lawsuit. Sometimes it is impossible to reach an agreement out of court, so when this happens, he will file a lawsuit. He will argue your case in court presenting all the injuries and property losses that you have suffered. With him by your side, you stand to gain much more than you would have out of court.

Call A Laurens County Auto Accident Lawyer Today For Legal Assistance

If you want a chance at getting the compensation that you deserve, you need to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer in Laurens. He knows how Laurens County, SC insurance companies work and the tricks that they use against you. As a result, he is your shield that fulfills your goals. The Law Office of Brian T. Smith has handled many negotiations before. It is therefore easy for us to do it for you. Get in touch with us early enough so we may have a chance to outdo the insurance company.

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