Bus Accident Lawyer: Facts And Statistics Greenville, SC

Bus Accident Lawyer: Facts And Statistics

Bus Accident Lawyer Greenville, SC: In the United States, there has been evidence of a steady increase in the total number of traffic accidents involving buses of all types within the past 20 years.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics 69,000 bus accidents occurred in 2014.

2014 happened to be the last year in which statistics of bus accidents were compiled by the agency.

Public Transport Bus Accident Statistics

A large portion of bus accidents in the U.S. involve vehicles that are part of a city such as Greenville SC’s public transportation system.

Thousands of people suffer injuries every year across the United States in accidents that involve buses engaged in public transport. Injured parties Including bus passengers, pedestrians, and third parties involved in collisions with public buses. A Bus Accident Lawyer can help consult on the legal issues surrounding such accidents.

Tour Bus Accident  And Party Bus Accident Statistics

Tour bus and party bus accidents occur with less frequency than do public transport collisions, but actually more frequently than incidents involving school busses.

These accidents often prove to be catastrophic events like the 2017 bus accident involving members of the Braunfels, Texas, Baptist Church that killed all but one passenger. In such cases, family members of involved parties are encouraged to call a wrongful death lawyer.

School Bus Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA), school buses are in fact “one of the most safe forms of transportation” in the United States.

The NHTSA also reports that on average, six children annually are fatally injured in accidents while passengers on school buses.

Bus Accident Lawyer Greenville, SC

Bus Accident Lawyer Greenville, SC

Noting that statistic, hundreds of children are injured each year in accidents and incidents while passengers on school buses. Moreover, pedestrians, including children at or near schools, are killed or injured in accidents involving school buses.

There are approximately 450,000 school buses in operation at this time in the U.S. Concerns exist in reference to how thorough inspections of school buses are within the United States.

There are consistent calls from safety experts seeking an enhancement of safety protocols associated with school buses. A Bus Accident lawyer can help consult on issues regarding safety protocols associated with buses.

Common Causes Of Bus Accidents

There are some common causes of bus accidents in Greenville and across the United States.

Such causes include driver fatigue or a distracted driver, specifically a driver who is texting or using some other type of electronic device at the time of an accident.

More frequent causes of bus accidents can include mechanical failure or an intoxicated or impaired driver.

Speeding or violating other laws of the road complete the list of the most common causes of bus accidents in Greenville SC. If you need help from a Bus Accident Lawyer, contact the law offices of Brian T. Smith.

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