Are Hands-Free Devices Safe For Driving?

We all know the risks of texting and driving. But many people think that using a hands-free device–whether earpiece, speakerphone, or dashboard system–cuts down or even eliminates the danger.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Because distraction of any kind is the key factor in many accidents, the danger doesn’t go away if your hands are on the wheel. We tend to think we’re good at multitasking, but the reality is that the human brain doesn’t work that way. In fact, new studies suggest that using voice-to-text may be more distracting than texting by hand.

The area of the brain that processes moving images shows 1/3 less activity when talking or even listening on the phone. When talking on the phone, drivers can miss up to 50% of their surroundings.

As much as possible, avoid using a phone altogether while driving. Make calls, send texts, or set up navigation before driving.

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